Hanemit Departments

As you know, there are a lot of challenges and difficulties for running a business that sometimes discourages activists from continuing or by disrupting schedules and plans caused the business to fail.

At Hanemit, we strive to pave the way for starting an economic activity with consulting and designing a plan for a business.

We at Hanemit’s specialized sub-disciplines in economics, internet services, human resource management, and industry are trying to succeed to goals by using the necessary and useful training for business, production lines, branding, and training; together with customers.

Hanemit’s subsets are connecting like a collective group and customers in each section will have special features if needed to other sections.

We know that it takes a lot of energy to start a successful business, so we are with you to overcome the difficulties.


Start our business story


Spread the idea


Choose a name


Setting up a factory
Production of building blocks


Design and construction of new production lines for concrete parts


After several years of activity in the financial markets with the provision of investment training and advice, the field of investment industry was added to Hanemit.


Entering the new world of 2020, we started to integrate ideas, we had experienced them in the past, and we gathered all the tips for starting a successful business in separate specialized sections to accompany Hanemit customers from start to finish.

Therefore, in the industry sector, by introducing ZarinMachine, we provide consulting, design, construction, and equipment services for industrial units, and prepare them for entering the world of the Internet with Fibotech and website design for our customers and their SEO. From the beginning until the continuation of the activities of the customers, Hanemit Economic advises them on the best way of investing and financing.

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